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Can my Dog Eat Grapes?

This is a common question among dog owners, so if you're wondering "Can dogs eat grapes?", the answer is a resounding NO, even if they are peeled or seedless.There are several studies that confirm renal failures associated with ingestion of grapes or raisins in dogs. So grapes are bad for dogs, this is neither a myth nor an assumption.Why can't dogs eat grapes?The scientific answer to that is the increased blood urea

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American Journey Dog Food

Puppy Nature Score!4.5 / 5.0Grain-free formulaReal meatVitamins and mineralsGluten FreeFinding the right food is essential to keep your dog healthy and American Journey dog food features grain-free formulas, high-quality ingredients, real meat, and vitamins and minerals that are critical to your dog's wellbeing.Video credits: Chewy.comAmerican Journey food is rich in amino acids, it's composed by high-quality co

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Getting a New Puppy? – Essentials Checklist

With the arrival of a new puppy, the first thing to do is to go to your pet store and buy the essentials, so we made a checklist for you and present what we consider to be the best alternatives.CollarCollars are important not only to keep your puppy safe but also for hanging your puppy ID and most important, an emergency contact in case he gets lost. There are various types of collars:Flat collar: The most common one

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How Many Teeth do Dogs Have? And Puppies?

Puppies born with no teeth and like any other mammal, they have to go through a teething process. Both puppies and adult dogs have different types of teeth. Types Of Dog Teeth​There are four types of teeth, each one has it's own purpose:Molars: Located behind the premolars, these are the furthest set of teeth in a dog's jaw. They are used to break down hard foods. The noise that you ear when your dog is eating

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Puppy Teething: All you need to know

Puppy teething is the process of growing temporary teeth (also called "milk teeth" or "baby teeth") until the eruption of the adult teeth.So, if your puppy starts chewing on everything, from your shoes to walls and baseboards, he's probably starting to teething! And if your puppy is already on this stage, you probably wondering when do puppies stop teething... right? Let's find out, but first things first:when do pup

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1500 Great Ideas For Naming Your Puppy

If you're like me, finding the perfect name for your little puppy can be tough. I have no creativity, so I did some research and whether you want traditional, trendy or unique puppy names, I've gathered a list with over 1,500 suggestions for naming your puppy! So, if you've not found the right name, then try our huge list, I'm sure you can find a few (or at least one) cute puppy names. In the end, if you can't decid

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Guide to Crate Training a Puppy

House training is one of the biggest challenges when we bring a new puppy to our house. Teach him what he can do and what he can't, teach where to pee and where not to pee, etc. This is not an easy task, it requires a lot of patience, but with the right tools and knowledge, we can achieve that in a short time. The good news is that we can work our puppy behavior right from the beginning.Most people have no idea how t

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Recommended Puppy Training Books For You

We all agree that choosing the best puppy training book is always very subjective since some people prefer a more technical book and other prefer a more practical one. On the other hand, some people prefer the new positive training method and other prefer a more disciplined way. So we can't pick just one and say it's the best dog training book. Instead, we'll list the ones that we've read and recommend. Best Pup

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