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Puppy Nature

About Us

 welcome to puppy nature! 

My name is Sophia Bennett, I'm the founder of Puppy Nature, a website dedicated to helping people before and after the arrival of a new puppy.

I love animals, but my true love are dogs! When I was a kid, my parents had a house with a large backyard where they used to have a few dogs and I think that's where my passion for dogs started. But... one day, me and my parents went to visit some family members in their house, they had two beautiful Dobermans, we weren't strangers to them since we visit them from times to times, but the unthinkable happened that day. I was bitten by one of them in my ear, for apparently no reason when I was just sitting in the table, eating.

I had to be sutured that day and the only explanation they found is that that the dog was "jealous" of me, because I was a little kid and naturally had a lot of attention on me.

Back then, I had every reason to stop loving dogs, or at least to be afraid of them. But that's not what happened. Instead, I've become more interested in dogs, studying their behavior, understand their signals and, until today, I've been working with dogs.

Currently, I have just one, a little puppy named Cookie (I know, zero points for my name creativity). Cookie is a Beagle, one of the most energetic breeds, with 9 months, almost she can think about is to PLAY. She helps me every day to remember what kind of problems and doubts we have when raising a little puppy.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me: