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Teeth - Puppy Nature

How Many Teeth do Dogs Have? And Puppies?

Puppies born with no teeth and like any other mammal, they have to go through a teething process. Both puppies and adult dogs have different types of teeth. Types Of Dog Teeth​There are four types of teeth, each one has it's own purpose:Molars: Located behind the premolars, these are the furthest set of teeth in a dog's jaw. They are used to break down hard foods. The noise that you ear when your dog is eating

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Puppy Teething: All you need to know

Puppy teething is the process of growing temporary teeth (also called "milk teeth" or "baby teeth") until the eruption of the adult teeth.So, if your puppy starts chewing on everything, from your shoes to walls and baseboards, he's probably starting to teething! And if your puppy is already on this stage, you probably wondering when do puppies stop teething... right? Let's find out, but first things first:when do pup

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